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Chanel Steele is a sophomore and nursing major at Coppin State University as well as an employee at Chesapeake Urology. After a personal family tragedy, Chanel’s life took an unexpected turn, but after many years, Chanel was inspired to return to school to continue pursuing her nursing degree.

Chanel credits Chesapeake Urology’s CEO, Dr. Sandy Siegel, as being a big part of her reason for going back to school. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story of strength, love, and passion, Chanel. Read Chanel’s story for some uplifting inspiration…

“I am returning to Coppin State after a long hiatus. I graduated from Poly in 2003 and came straight to Coppin. I had a great time living on campus and excelling in my studies. However, in my third semester here, my mother was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer. I made the decision to leave school to care for my mother and take care of my four younger siblings. My mother passed away in 2005, and her last request was that I take custody of my three younger brothers, who were 13, 11, and 10 at the time. I had just turned 21 but took the task head on. My sister was 19 and came along with me and my brothers.

Now that my siblings are all grown up, I am back to pursuing my dream of becoming an RN. I received a scholarship which assisted me in returning to school. Above is a picture of me and the CEO of the company I work for, Chesapeake Urology Associates, at the scholarship award banquet last August. My CEO is Dr. Sandy Siegeland he is a huge part of the reason I am back in school. I currently lead the emergency answering service for Chesapeake Urology, and I love what I do.

Also, I became a Geriatric Nursing Assistant in 2005 and have been intrigued by the late adulthood development stage of life ever since. I work with the elderly on a part time basis. I enjoy taking care of them, but mostly I love learning from them and hearing their life stories.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a caregiver. I am the second eldest of 23 grandchildren, so there was always a baby in my arms. My mother first became ill when I was 15 and my brothers were very small. I cared for them all their lives. I feel that having a nurturing personality has been a stable trait for me since childhood.

When I’m not taking care of people, I enjoy experimenting with different hair styles and makeup. I never really look the same and love that!

I am really excited to continue learning about life span development, and to see what else is in store…”

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